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Wooden Board

What is the total length of the tube?
Regular tubes are a total of 10" long and Micro tubes are 8" long.

Is there any colour combinations I should avoid?
Try to avoid white caps as that is the highest touch point of the tube, and putting grey lettering on dark coloured tubes as it will blend in. Visibility is high priority so try to choose colour combinations that contrast each other.

What should I place inside my tube?
We highly recommend things like emergency contact info, vet contact info, how you think the dog may react post accident, as well as any allergy/medical information. Other things to include are a slip leash, some treats, meds if needed, general notes on your dog, vaccine records, etc.

What are the colour options for tubes?


Things to Note

Certain colours take longer to cure, this could delay shipping process to prevent damage during shipping. Pink, Orange, Lime, Red, Yellow, Hunter Green, Navy, and Black have a longer curing time of up to a week. 

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