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Rough Surface

I have always been big on safety when it comes to transporting my sport dogs in my vehicles. I’ve purchased the best kennels money can buy (thank you Gunner Kennels for giving me peace of mind) but had no plan for after an accident. That’s where emergency tubes come in - not for me, but for emergency first responders. If something was to ever happen to myself or anyone transporting my dogs I want people to know what to do before they even open that crate door.

~ Savanna


Why a tube? We choose a tube for the simple fact that unlike just an info card attached to your kennel, you can store essentials beyond just emergency info in the tube. Store your kennel keys, slip leash, vet records, emergency contacts, medication, and even gas money (if you are like me you get it) all in one central location. Our tubes are water proof and will protect all of its contents as much as your kennel is there to protect your dog. 



Our tubes are made of high quality ABS to be able to handle whatever the road may throw at you. We went with ABS over other materials such as PVC to prevent shattering upon impact if there was an accident. It was important to us to provide the highest quality product we could in the most cost effective manner. 

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